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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hello world!
The time shows 4.35 am and i'm still wide awake taking care this casualty since my partner went out for ambulance call lol!
I got call from MECC KK around 3am to respond one MVA case form bypass KB-KK-Ranau..Thank God all the victim were stable and guess what??dorang tak maw pun kena angkut pergi hospital...syukurlah nak...haha

Guys!back to main topic..actually i want to talk about my new resolution.Well,compare to last year..which i give a long list about my resolution,this year..i only have ONE RESOLUTION that is..


this year,i will definitely enjoy every second of my life,do everything freely without boundaries and travel more..ececeh manyak duit ko goroyen!!!hehe..

Thank you guys for reading my blog,lets pray together so that we will achieve our resolution together!!yeah!
*finger crossed*


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