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New year's resolution

Hello sunshine!

Every year i set a new goal and seems like my previous resolution is too childish?
 i mean its all only focusing on what i want or what i want to buy.
This year..emm i don't know but i set a new resolution that more involving my inner self..yeah..adakah saya menjadi semakin tua??hahah..

Here it goes..

1. Appreciate people around me
 - sometime i forget to appreciate the people around me..maybe they are always in my circle so..i take them for granted.So this year,i want to show how much these people are important to me.

2. More healthy
- for the past year i didn't give much attention on my body..hahaha makan ikut suka hati,less exercise and so on..but this year.i decided to be more healthy which i will start to do work out,makan kurang gula n garam,drink more water,more veges and fruits,sleep 8 hr per day..ya..macam tu la hehehe

3. Outdoor activity
- If u guys know me,i hate doing outdoor activities..anything that makes me tired, not doing it..but this year..i will try to involve myself more..and first thing i want to try is marathon mesti pengaruh We Got Married ekekeke..

4. Save more money
- Okay honestly!saya ni antara manusia yang sangat boros di dunia..grrr..this year i decide to have book so that i can list everything that i spend..hopefully by the end of this year adalah simpanan sikit ye tak?..muehehe..

5. Surprise hehe..i will tell u guys on my next entry  ^__^

So what is your new year's resolution?

Thank you for reading & good luck.

Monday, January 13, 2014 (12:25 AM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)