Bah..jum naik atas!
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Hello! welcome to my humble blog.Ba..palan-palan kamu baca k >,<
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Life through Goroyen's eyes

Hi lovelies! how are u?doing good? hehe..
been away for so long..well typical me..malas maw type2 kenen..padahal FB aktif gila! haha..
I guess this month is super special because  i got many invitation for wedding and engagement.
In fact one of my bestie yang tiada2 muka untuk khawin awal pun sudah bertunang gosh!!!

I can't believe that i'll be going through the same thing soon..soon okay...belum lagi..
I'm not sure if i ready for it. As we go will be more complicated..
yup!you see..when we were a kid,we don't really care about money,problem,job..all we care is have fun with our friend..mandi sungai,panjat pokok and all that..

Being an adult have to plan your life,get a job,get money,own car,own house ,get married,having children..sometimes it scares i ready for it?

I don't know what does God plans for me in the future..but i have a good feeling that i can ROCK it!yeah!

Kepada kawan-kawan yang akan bertunang atau akan melansungkan perkhawinan,tahniah!
Welcome to the new phase of your life,be grateful everyday and i always pray for you'all punya happiness hehe^__^

Rafting at Kiulu River

baiklah..itu sahaja,
sekian dan terima kasih..

Monday, November 18, 2013 (11:57 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)