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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Goroyen's Life:Piano Lesson #1

Hi guys!
guess what??
Today i start my first piano class at Evabelle Music!!!yay!!!
i am super duper excited!!!

My teacher 'DEBBIE' was awesome!!She can play piano,violin and a talented singer as well..phew!
okay!okay!sangat-sangat excited ni hehe
you know i know nothing about piano..tekan-tekan tahulah..
since my bestie shery n garamoi already start their piano lessons,saya pun tak mahu ketinggalan okay haha

At first my teacher teach me about the chord,how to press key and everything..
u know i'm like.."what the hell all this?"
apakah bentuk bulat,ada ekor,hitam di tengah gosh!!!!!
saya rasa sangat bego o!
but she keep telling me that i can learn this slowly and don't give up!
awwww i'm totally fans of her!!
Alright!since this is my first class,she just teach me the basic..cant wait for my vocal class tomorrow weee!!!

ini pintu hadapan

book for dummies keke

bentuk bulat2..lol!

attendance card,x boleh ponteng hehe

so,if any of you that have passion in music especially here in KOTA BELUD
and want to learn music,then you guys can start from here..
register now!

Evabelle Music
Lot 6,1st floor,
Suria Commercial Center,
Kota Belud Sabah.

p/s mana ada jual piano murah???

dun forget leave ur comment =)


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= roxanne = said... [Reply to comment]

wuuuu siok ... mahal ka ?

goroyen said... [Reply to comment]

Rm80 sebulan..4kali sebulan heee

♥Roseate♥ said... [Reply to comment]

yey finally ada kwn.. going to start mine maybe next 2 weeks lps tau pnmpatan.

goroyen said... [Reply to comment]

Heeee yay!!!!!!