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The most foolish traveler

Hello there.
I've just finished watch my favorite anime ever 'FRUIT BASKET' yeah..beside paradise kiss,nodame cantabile etc..heh..and there is one part of this movie where Momiji told Tohru a story about 'THE MOST FOOLISH TRAVELER'

Here are the story..

Once upon a time, there was this foolish traveler who had gone on a journey.Why was he foolish? Well, because he was fooled by everyone he'd met. Everywhere he went 
people made up all kinds of sad stories to tell him, and the traveler fell for every one of them. Pretty soon his money, his clothes, even his shoes have been cheated away from him,
but the foolish traveler was always glad to help and he always told people the same thing.."I wish you happiness" but by this point, the traveler was completely naked and 
nothing left to cover himself he decided to leave the main road and travel through the dense forest where no one can see him. But soon he was discovered by the goblins that 
lived in the woods. The goblins wanted to eat the traveler's body! So they begged and pleaded and used kind words to try and trick him. Of course, the traveler was fooled. First he let the goblins eat one of his legs, then arm, then more and more. After it was over all the traveler had left was his head. He'd even given his eyes away to the last of the goblins.

 And as the last goblin was eating the traveler's eyes, he turned and said, "Thank you, traveler. In return I leave you this present" All the goblin left was this piece of paper with the word FOOL written on it. The traveler couldn't see it, he didn't know what it was. Even so, tears began to float out of his face. "Thank you," he said, "This is the first present anyone's
 ever given me, I'm so happy!" Even without his eyes, he cried with tears of joy. Then, the traveler died, the smile still on his face.. -the end- (FB ep 11)

Well to be honest at first i really think that the traveler is really stupid.You everyone that his own and left himself nothing was pretty dramatic plus extremely stupid.
Then i realize that,the traveler just doing something to make others happy without expecting any giving to other people certainly bring a joy to him.
(still,i feel sorry for the traveler..)

Seeing my life,i could be so selfish sometime. I will do anything for the sake of my happiness and ended up hurting people around me..huhu i am not that noble..

I definitely learn something from this anime..and i wonder,how is it feels to be LOVED by two handsome guy at the same time kyaaa!!!!*wink*wink*
baru VERANGAN already makes me excited haha stop it goroyen!!

So guys,what do you think?
do you think that the traveler is a fool?

p/s Yuki,Kyo pleaseeeee marry me!!!=_=

tq for reading

Sunday, August 25, 2013 (12:50 AM)

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