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MIVVA beauty box August edition

Hello guys!
I received my beauty box actually early of this month but you know 
i kind of malassss to make a review hihi..sorry..
but still i am super excited to show you guys what are MIVVA offer me this month...weee!!

Here we go!! the color of this box black and white bebeh!

Theme of this month is FLOWER.

Guys!!check this out!bundle of beauty products!

Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner 40 ml
price: Rm 16.90 for 220ml / Rm 33.90 for 550ml

I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops 10ml
price: Rm18.80(WM) for 10ml / Rm 19.80(EM) for 10ml

This one suitable for all contact lens wearers.
 Since i'm not wearing it then i will give this one to my bestie SHERY hee..
yup bebeh!i'm gonna give u a present along with your jacket as well miahaha..

Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack
price: Rm 30 for refining cream 2 challenge pack
(Biotox cleanser 10g + Refining cream 2 5g)
Rm 165 for refining cream 2  for 30 ml
Rm 120 for Biotox Cleanser for 50ml

This one to achieve clearer and acne free skin within 3 days.REALLY????
definitely gonna try this!

Di Palomo Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive Hand & Nail Cream
price: RM 59 for 75ml smells nice though! I love it!

Shills Rose Essential Hyadrating Skin Care Set
price: Rm 237 for 3 items

These are travel it comes with small size.

F Cup Cookies.
price: Rm 78.90 for 14 sticks.

So,it means 1 stick=RM 5.6????
OMG!!!very expensive!compared to the size + taste,i'm not gonna buy it hahaha..
but TQ MIVVA for giving me chance to try it hehe..

Village Garden Freshner

Smells good too!gonna put it in my closet heeee..

tons of pamplet lalala...

alright! guys if any of you interested in this beauty box
just log on to to purchase.

till then..take care ^__^

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