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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Goroyen's confession

These days i started to feel 'meh' and losing ideas what should i post on blog..
i lost my track and makes me think why i started blogging in the first place..

I do blogwalking everyday and found out that your guys punya blog are much much more nice to read than mine..
I start comparing and feeling my blog are useless..negative aura started surround me..
at some point..i almost give up..i don't want to blog anymore..buang masa!
I can't write well,i can't motivate people through my blog,i can't teach anything and paling malang...i can't sell anything through my blog ekk..hmm..

I lost my sight...
i forgot that this blog is for me..
for me to share my story,my journey,my routine,my life..and that's my concept since i start blogging..
if someone get annoyed of what i'm posting here..that is non of my bussiness..
apa boleh buat la kan..

So where i am going with this?

I will never stop sharing..i love blogging!it's fun!
Blogging is like my diary..i can always re-read my post and recall the things that happen in my life..
even no one will read my blog..i will always blogging!semangat tiba-tiba membara!

Thank you so much for those that always have time to read my blog..you guys are amazing!
Help me to be a better writer in the future
I hope some of my story may inspire you 
nah..i guess not..hahaha..

Well..see ya in next post!
Have a great day people!

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Keykho keikohss said... [Reply to comment]

Sy pn mcm tu...pandai teda idea tp postttt seja baaa hehehehe siuk juga kan hehe

♥Roseate♥ said... [Reply to comment]

hehe. arigato dan sy sukung. suka org la post apa dia sua kn. blog sndiri jg. hihi. sy pn ska re read balik apa yg sy post/ my blog is like my diary.hehe

goroyen said... [Reply to comment]

@kiko: yup!post seja...paduli hahaha

@roseat: post2 yang lama2 ni lucu ni kalau baca balik haha

lilies.john said... [Reply to comment]

jan risau sy sentiasa baca blog ko yg penting ko post d FB! haha
goroyen kompius?? mcm tu muka ko masa tu yen?? hahahaha

*mgkn sy trdabel komen. internet slow. hoho

goroyen said... [Reply to comment]

wakakakakakaka sot..harus post okay..sebab sa taw ada stalker keke

♥ Nur Adilah Dayana♥ said... [Reply to comment]

Teruskan seja. Sy bca jga tiap kali ko post yg baru. Hehe. Kalo sy bosan, dr yg lama2 lg sy p bca jga yg ko tulis. Ahahaha. Bunyi mcm stalker ja. Sekian :P

goroyen said... [Reply to comment]

dayana: terharu o sa ^___^ tq!

♥ Nur Adilah Dayana♥ said... [Reply to comment]

Hahaha. Tidak d sangka kita boleh terrapat di alam maya kan. Maka tidak pernah jumpa. Hihi

Meld Alexander said... [Reply to comment]

Just created my blog. Feel free to visit and drop some comment! Will decorate it soon!