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Friday, July 5, 2013

MIVVA beauty box July edition

Le situation:

me: angkat telefon..

Unknown: dorren ko punya barang ada di pos kod dia P02..tut..tut..

me: ah??fine belum sempat cakap apa2 sudah diletak..

but hey!
my July beauty box is hereeeee..
i am super duper excited to see what mivva offer me this month yay!

check it out!


Beautymate purifying & hydrating nano toner

price: RM 49.90 for 120ml

super cool!full size dia bagi okay..

Unico eye lip enriched cream

price: Rm 98.80 for 15 ml

hawt!!this one also full size!!!

Elianto ardour shadow

price: Rm 8 for 2 g

Somang danahan bonyeon intensive mosturizing skin toner & emulsion

price: Rm 139.90 for 160ml (toner)
Rm 139.90 for 160ml (emulsion)

this one only trial size huhu..but nevermind..lagipun i x pernah dengar pula brand ni..

Re-gen oil

price: Rm 29.90 for 75ml and Rm 45.90 for 125ml

definitely gonna use this one..yala i ni banyak scar keke..

This one batu untuk menyental daki serta kotoran degil di badan sekian..

If u guys calculate..all this beauty product almost cost about Rm 200
all u need to pay is Rm 38 per month!hah!sangat berbaoi-baloi!!

kalau berminat..
please visit MIVVA.COM
and get your first beauty box today!

tq for reading muaxxxx..

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