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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update of my life

Hi fellas!
this week totally hectic for me.
kerja non-stop! 
fuhh..i really need another vacation kekeke
 (alasan mo cuti)
thank God..after 6 days working like zombie,today finally i can rest yay!
fine..sehari ja pon..esok kerja sudah lol!

So,today i manage to get my nail a new color yahuu!
I'm not sure since when coloring my nail become my obsession..emm..
seeing my nail full of color (ekk..) actually makes me happy and give a positive aura to me..
yala!dunia ni penuh dengan perkara negative kan..u know HATER,FAKER,bla..bla..

I am super duper satisfy with my life now
yeah!yeah! of course there are few things that still bother me but time will heal i guess..
I am far from perfect but i'll try my very best to achieve my dream!

be original guys!
follow what your heart says
open your eyes and mind to explore this beautiful world
meet new people and most important thing is just 

p/s can't wait to see GARAMOL next week yay!

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