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praying for someone

I love to do a BLOGWALKING and read my friends blog..just want to know how's their life or their story.

When i come across this one blog..i was really touched bout her story.She was praying for her ex-BF happiness with his new gF..and i was like..awww....sweet..
(tiba-tiba ternangis pula)
God will always bless u my friend..don't worry..Our Father will give u someone that'll be your everlasting LOVE.

Is it hard to pray for others happiness?

Maybe due to heartbroken or suffering  we are tend to pray so that the person will feel the same.
I personally makes many mistake and also hurting people who loves me.
Especially to someOne that suffered so much..i hope that he will be praying for my happiness too.

"Don't stress the things you can not change 

cause we create our tomorrow by what we do 


"Lord, We bring to You our burdens and You 


 our situation. You know we can't make it 

without You. Comfort our heart, give us

 strength and help us carry on"

Friday, March 15, 2013 (7:00 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)