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Friday, February 15, 2013

Diy: Honey n virgin oil mask

Aloha people!
it's been a while since my last post about 'Do It Yourself' thing and today i'm gonna share about how to make a home made mask using  HONEY and EXTRA VIRGIN OIL.
super duper fantastic BABY easy ek?? haha..
Alright lets get started!


Extra virgin oil

all u have to do is..just mix the honey and the virgin oil..
put in microwave for 20 second 
and tadaaa!! done!!!

then apply it to entire your face 
like this..

okay..abaikan cotton pad di dagu sa..
meleleh ba tu honey haha

leave it for 5 minute okay!
why 5 minute? nanti kalu lama-lama ada semut naik di muka kamu lol!

pastu cucilah muka anda...
jeng jeng jeng!!

amacam? ada nampak flawless??
thanks to lighting and camera 360 hahaha..
good luck!
p/s credit to google for this DIY

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