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Sunday, December 4, 2011

My december

"Because i have a loved life,i shall have no sorrow to die"

Happy Dec-month people!
Oh my gay! 
time runs so fast..and we already at the end of 2011!
 December gonna be the saddest/happiest month this year!

why is it happy?
  1. Merdeka! sa telah habis study oyeah!!
  2. My crazy bro will get married on this 17/12/2011
  3. MY relationship with UNTA = 7 yr 6 mth 2wk 1dy
  4. Back to Sabah!! miss my kerisiu so much!

why is it sad?
  1. Gonna miss my crazy roomate and friend here
  2. Gonna miss TOMYAM at PAK HAINAN
  3. Gonna miss SDA church member here..
  4. It's the time to say goodbye to KEDAH

I have so much fun and toned of sweet memory while studying here. I got to know a lot of people that super kind to me, and surely know how to have fun haha..plus..i have a chance to travel   and see different culture and beautiful place such as Kelantan,Pahang,Terengganu,Perlis,Penang,Johor,KL,Langkawi and Thailand (hatyai)
Of course duit jua habis melayang-layang hahaha but that is nothing compared to the experience that i've gained.

Oh my!rasa berat hati pula.3 tahun nampaknya telah sampai di pengakhiran and next year gonna be my next phase of life.So i can't wait what will happen next year..wow! super curios!! 

Hem!!post sa ni cam karangan SPM da haha..i wish u guys have a great time during this holiday,take care and berhati-hati semasa memandu. oya! not forgetting to wish MERRY XMAS and ..tett..
nantilah time maw new year baru sa wish happy new year okay!!!

-roger and out-

p.s actually duit yang melayang-layang itu adalah something!

dun forget leave ur comment =)


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Ashley Easther said... [Reply to comment]

oyen..slama ne ko dkedah plak.npa ko x kestau..hehehe

Armstrong said... [Reply to comment]

:( Sia pula yang pindah pigi sini Semenanjung... Sabah juga la yang paling hebat hahaa.

Unta ka? Hehee.

Ba happy Sunday Miss Mata Sepet!

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@Ashley Easther ya ashley hehe napa?ko pun sini ka???alalalala....

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@Armstrong armstrong ko di mana?? sedihnya..hahaha jan risau ko kesiokan jua tu kalu jalan2 sini eceh! hehehe..ba happy sundaay jua =)