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Monday, November 28, 2011

owh! it's monday

Halo! halo! halo!
It's Monday everyone!
haha..i know! i know! for those who need to get up early coz need to start a work
and have a classes today chilll...dun hate Monday..
it's a blessing okay..be positive!
(padahal..tQ God! i can lay on my bed till sundown hahaha)

Alright! seems like i didn't update anything since bla..bla.. bla..
i've been so busy with my singing practice coz me and my other 2 frenzy need to 
perform at MSU (Management Science Uni) 
at 25 of Nov..haha sudah berlalu pun...
i was having so much fun!! 
we sang two song..Beribu sesalan by 3 suara and 
Listen by Beyonce::
gosh!! bukan alang-alang nervous sa time tu...bagagar!!!
thankfully my partner keykho and marshella 
was there with me...
and i must say that they are awesome singer bravo!bravo!

My next project gonna be on 7 Dec 2011 which i will perform at Ulu Kinta Perak..
actually it is not a performance..it is a singing competition haha super excited!!
hopefully i got some luck to win there lalala...aminn!!
wish me luck people!!

from left: kiko,padi,me and mar =)
pic credit to khaled.

so guys! 
have a great day and start your day with smile =)

dun forget leave ur comment =)


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garlic??? maybe said... [Reply to comment]

fine..nme aku x disebut...pnt aku arranged audio n tmpt untuk kamu.. T.T

RaInDroPSheArtyOu said... [Reply to comment]

wau...singer rupanya :) hehehe

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@garlic??? maybe hehehe..jan ba marah keke

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@RaInDroPSheArtyOu xdalah..nyanyi gitu2 ja huhu

Armstrong said... [Reply to comment]

Si Kiko! Satu band ka kamu semua tu... ada si Lilie lagi kan sia nampak clips kamu di YouTube.

;D Happy Tuesday

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@Armstrong ya armstrong hehe..sa n lilie rumate..sa n kiko buat persembahan untuk kolej huhu