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Thursday, November 10, 2011


"Every happy women has at least one ex-boyfriend behind her"

seeing him with his new girl makes me 
happy but at the same time, there is uneasy feeling..envy? maybe yes!maybe no!
can't describe it..

but i am so over you!
you have a better life now, have a bright future and a girl that loving you with her whole heart.

sorry for everything that i've done..
i wish you and your new girl will live happily ever after..

not forgetting!

to all my scandal..i wanna say sorry because i never meant to hurt ur'guys feeling,
i'm just gaining an experience in relationship.It's not that i don't like u'guys, i do! but not more as a friend..sorry!
I hope we can still remain as a friends.


why when i saw his pic with his gF my heart like dub dab dub dab even lama da berlalu??
it's been 8 years okay..adoi!!!!(=.=)

dun forget leave ur comment =)


8 0000 sedang bergosip =):

Ellye Evangelista said... [Reply to comment]

sma la kita..i guess everyone feels the same way too... ^.^

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@Ellye Evangelistahaha..kan!pelik oh ada feeling camtu adoi!

mavis v. said... [Reply to comment]

same with me too. haha.

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@mavis v. haha..mb we have history with that person kan..so we feel that way hehe

Aki said... [Reply to comment]

aiyo,kalau sa tau ko mo cari experiences,bagus sa jadi skandal ko tu kan?? Ha ha ha.. :-p

eLvy VaLerie said... [Reply to comment]

same wif me! until now sa masih terpikir2 o. huhu~

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

sabar ja la ko aki ah...offer diri lagi tu hahahaha

oyen iyrid said... [Reply to comment]

@eLvy VaLerie elvie..pastu kadg2 pandai jelos jua hahaha