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It's been a week..okay maybe berWEEK-WEEK
already since my last entry..
sorry readers..(kalu adalah hehe)
because i am not faithfully update my post..
i was SUPA DUPA busy with my
 practical,research,assignment,watch movie,jual lada,jadi nelayan,jadi cleaner,show,cuci kereta,pungut-pungut sampah..and so on..

so many things to handle..
so i promise to keep updating my blog if i have FREETIME and 
idea berlambak dalam otak okay!

P/S take care and have a great week all 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 (10:07 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)

What's in my bag?

Happy sunday people
how is your day? usual..always superb and fantastic haha..
tomorrow is MONDAY..
and i know most of u'guys hate MONDAY right?
it means..i need to wake up early and go to work.. hour..8 am to 5 pm..crapsssss..
(oyen!stop it!)

enough bout this short entry 
(short kerr??haha)
i wanna share to u'guys what is in my bag..
actually,i was inspired to do this entry after
watching U-TUBE we go..

 My purple bag

this bag i bought at TESCO for RM 15 because got promotion ma..
i HEART this bag coz it easy to bring and cute too hehe..
(puji beg sendiri)

The things inside..jeng..jeng..jeng..

1. Wallet

this one i bought at PACIFIC for RM 10..wakakaka
barang murahan semua hahahaha..

 2. HAT (it's a must thing)

My fav HAT ever!!i bought it at CAMERON HIGHLAND..
forgot the price oredy..u can see i wear this almost all in my picture..

3. SE W350i

This one dapat FREE dari BRO..ngeh..i x men la beli-beli HP ni..
i nak barang FREE ja wakakaka..i use this for a year and still in a good condition
even taraf HP ni..HP zaman PALEOLITIK but IDC..yang penting boleh guna 
untuk cintan-cintun with boyfie 
and bergosip dengan frenzo


This one to mosturize my hand and makes my hand smooth like baby..
OKAY!perasan!sa jarang pula guna ni walaupun tangan saya da kasar cam orang tua..


It smells good but the problem is..whenever i cross a TONG SAMPAH
even i da bubuh setengah botol perfume ni di badan i..but still bau TONG SAMPAH tu
lebih kuat dari perfume ni..emm..dasar murahan la ni haha..
(complain! tapi sa still guna benda ni hehe)


This one for my hair yang frizzing cam at least dengan serum ni
it leaves my hair smooth,silky and easy to manage..

HP+WALLET ja actually sa bawa..
yang lain tu simpan sampai berkarat dalam almari hahaha

Monday, September 19, 2011 (12:16 AM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)

Happy Malaysia day

First of all
I am so proud to be SABAHAN plus MALAYSIAN
so,guys please...keep the unity among us
and make our country in peace..
throw all the negativez thinking,hatredz or any discriminatez..
because WE ARE 1 MALAYSIA..
we should work together,help and respect each other..

To those out there that already reach 21 years..
let's do our responsibility and choose a better goverment..
we are the one who decide our country path..
the MALAYSIA's future is in our hands..
so, lets register to VOTE now!!

-enjoy this video-

Friday, September 16, 2011 (1:15 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)

Pic TU rE

3 dayz + 3 stylez + biaQ p hahaha..

1st day-
 My fav yellow top plus legging and floral bag..
and of course my brown SELIPAR JEPUN 
and S.JIBENG's spectacle haha

1st day-
black top plus floral short pants,scarf,fav hat,floral bag 
and lagi-lagi my SELIPAR JEPUN hahaha

2nd day-
white top with jaring-jaring,short pants,floral bag,
hat and kasut murah haha

3rd day-
yellow dress ka apa ni? okay biaq p..
plus pants bundle wakaka
plus kasut murah,hat and not forgetting my fav hat huhu..

and memBANKRAPKAN my bro kwang3

Monday, September 12, 2011 (7:42 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)

41 ways to annoy your parents

Happy sunday peepz..
haha this one best bro!
i got this from the internet just now and
i was like LOL..
so ,to those of you that wants to make your parents
SAKIT JIWA and super annoy..
i suggest that u guys try this 

    sa sedang memanah UNTA hehe..

1. Follow them everywhere.

2. When they say your name, moo loudly like a cow.

3. If you have a dog, follow the dog around on all-fours and say "Bark." over and over again really loudly.

4. Talk to a pen constantly.

5. When your friends come over, pretend to be talking in code and have your friend say 'Your-a pa smells-a like a woman-a." If they crack the code, play stupid.

6. Have a dozen of imaginary friends that you ask their opinion of everything.

7. After you have your bath, wrap a bath towel around you and then walk outside of the bathroom. When your parents ask you what you're doing, say "Wearing clothes is against my religion."

8. Run into walls.

9. Cover yourself with a white blanket and try to walk around the house without tripping or running into something. Look at the ground and whenever you see your parents' feet, yell "BOO!"

10. Randomly pluck someone's hair out and scream, "DNA!!!!!!!!" as loud as you can.

11. Every 30 seconds, yell "I gotta go to the bathroom!!!" then stay in the bathroom for an hour and a half, grunting your ABC's.

12. In the grocery store, try to stick as many melons down your pants as possible then start dancing.

13. Stick cherries on your nose and start dancing around like a clown.

14. Flush the toilet while they're in the shower.

15. Wear a sticker that says "I'm a retard!"

16. Eat your hair. (I've tried it. It works.)

17. When you shower or bath, yell "HELP! I'M DROWNING!!!!!!!!!!"

18. Snort loudly when you laugh and laugh harder.

19. Go into their room at 1 in the morning and yell "GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!"

20. Try to climb the wall.

21. Say everything backwards.

22. In public yell "NO MOM I WILL NOT MAKE OUT WITH YOU!!"

23. At everything they say scream "LIAR!!!!!"

24. Fill up the bath then drain it and repeat 5 times. When you fill it up the 6th time, try to get in it then yell "MOM! DAD! THE WATER IS COLD!!"

25. Try to swim in the floor.

26. Pretend to be a phone.

27. Wear a T-shirt pointing to one of your parents that says "I'm with stupid."

28. In a supermarket, point at everything you see and scream "I WANT THAT! CAN I HAVE IT?"

29. Switch the light button on and off for a few minutes then say "Oooohhhh... I get it!"

30. Tap on their door all night.

31. Throw a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket, sit cross-legged and cross your arms in the middle of the aisle until your parents let you buy what you want to have.

32. After everything they say, respond "Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no"

33. Claim you have been abducted by aliens before and tell all their friends.

34. When they ask you to call someone, stay where you are and yell their name.

35. Destroy the house and then go tell them, "I love you Mommy/Daddy"

36. Cling to them constantly and blame it on "separation anxiety".

37. If they ever take you to their job, touch EVERYTHING and spin on their desk chair.

38. Knock over every container of liquid you see "accidentally".

39. Do the opposite of what they tell you.

40. Bring home the absolutely opposite type of guy/girl they'd want you to see. Like a drop out or a goth or something. Tell them he/she's you new boyfriend/girlfriend.

41.Yell out mango everywhere you go

Sunday, September 11, 2011 (9:46 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)

yang penting hati ba..

CAUTION : Entry ini berbahasa sabah =)

Kamu taw ka lagu Tanak kampung by Jimmy palikat tu?
lagu ni original dalam bahasa dusun tapi ditranslatekan dalam melayu..
super cumil ni lagu kan haha..
terus hari ni tiba-tiba my fren post di FB sa parody versi perempuan pula..
haha lawak o!!

kalu yang versi LELAKI mengatakan bahawa 
dia ni miskin,xda apa-apa harta benda, so pergilah dengan orang lain..ceh..
(trip sedih)

tapi yang versi perempuan pula balas..
xpa,sa terima ko,yang penting hati bukan harta..
salute la sama ni perempuan yang balas lagu ni hahaha!!

so, lelaki-lelaki ganteng di luar sana..
(ganteng ke?)
bukan semua perempuan melihat harta..
ada jua yang betul-betul suka seseorang lelaki itu kerana hati yang baik =)

ba..enjoy lagu-lagu ini ^__^

Si LELAKI kata..

Memang aku ini
anak orang miskin
tiada apa-apa yang dapat ku berikan
engkau memang cantik
memang tidak padan dan tidak sepadan

aku anak kampung
tiada pelajaran
kuli-kuli sahaja
memang tidak padan
cantik bah kau itu
banyak yang tergoda lagi orang kaya

Tiada kereta ku bawa kau jalan-jalan
rumah ku pun tiada adapun bapa punya
apa lagi belanja mau bayar berian kahwin sama kamu

bukannya ku tidak suka sama kamu
tapi aku takut hidup kau kan sengsara
kerna aku cinta aku lepaskan kau sama orang lain

engkau masih muda cantik lagi menawan
janganlah kau cari lelaki macam saya
engkau memang cantik
nanti kau menyesal tiada guna


Memang aku ini,anak orang kaya
tapi kayaku pun semua duit si BAPAK
harapkan duitku memang tidak ada
sama saja kita

Balajar tinggi-tinggi,naik kapal terbang
tiada apa bezanya,aku pun orang SABAH
balik kampung nanti,makan nasi jugak
moginuman segala

Tiada keretamu ndak apa-apa ba
bapak ku ada jet, terbang sini-sana
siap boleh landing-landing atas sana

jangan kau trip baik,malu-malu kunun
ku mau hatimu bukan harta semata
asalkan baik hati perangai pun cantik
kira ok sudah

Memang aku ini cantik lagi menawan
kalau kau ndak mau, melepas la kau kawan
bagus kau bersiap,datang kau ke rumah
terus masuk meminang


Friday, September 9, 2011 (11:56 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)


Happy Wednesday people!
as usual every morning (lepas bangun)
the first thing that i do is reading gossip at 
(hal ini lebih penting dari mencuci muka,berus gigi 
dan sarapan yerrr tuan-tuan dan puan-puan hehe)

 As we know,K-POP give a big impact to our young generation
haha..include me..with cute,innocent face..pergh!!!
cair tengok mamat-mamat KOREA ni..
so,this one shud i called PARODY??
hahahaha..enjoy video mamat ni..paling lawak!!!

* Plastik-sampah yang paling banyak atas bumi ini

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 (1:18 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)


·         Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
·         Post the first definitions it gives you.
A big tQ to elvy  

1. Your name : Dorren
Defense Research and Engineering Network

 wow! hebatnya gue!!

2. Your age : 21
The age at which one is finally considered human.

 so,before 21 sa di considered sebagai apa??alien??
sabar ja la...

3. One of your friend : Elly
A hot, sexy woman who loves men.

 wow!!!hebatnya MERUNGKUI! okay dia memang pencinta lelaki haha

4. What you should be doing : wash face
A term used by transgendered individuals to mean wearing 
no makeup and letting 
the natural beauty of the skin shine through

 ini harus dilakukan before tidur untuk mendapatkan kulit cantik okay!
hohohoho (ketawa alah-alah mama shinchan)

5. Last person you talked to : rina (roomate)
Eternal Joy, The Lady, The One, The Muse, Heaven, 
Rainbow Mom, Prosperity, Cloud 9, 
Mental Spirital and Emotional Orgasm, The Universe, The Guiding Light, 
The Bible book of life and beyond, Best Friend, Sister, ecstasy, bliss, smoothness, trust, respect, Music, Wisdom, Dancing, Wisedom, Warmth, My Soulmate...

 kelas ko ROSNAH!!!punya main banyak!!! 
yang cloud 9 ja sa suka bab coklat kan hahaha

6. Favourite colour : yellow
A pretty color

 i know! i know!..that's y i heart this color..

7. Birthplace : Kb
Kitchen Bitch

 O.M.G sa lahir di JALANG DAPUR?? i dun believe dis!

8. One of your nickname : yen
Hot ass Asian girl name. Also Japanese currency which reflects that you would pay a lot of yen to get a hot Yen.

 (translate from google)
 Asia girl nama keldai panas. Juga mata wang 
Jepun yang menggambarkanbahawa anda akan membayar
 banyak yen untuk mendapatkan Yen panas.

*LOL!! keldai panas?? thanks GOOGLE!

Monday, September 5, 2011 (11:51 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)

britney spears karaoke

Yesterday we supposed to watch HANTU BONCENG at cinema 
but!unfortunately all the ticket was sold out!
so we ended up went to KARAOKE..haha
fine!!so juz maw upload benda ni..manalah taw ada cHAnce jadi artis wakaka
(okay boleh muntah sekarang...><)
well..ampun beribu-ribu ampun kalau kamu dengar sumbang okay!
juz pretend u'guys sedang dengar britney spears karaoke hahaha..

(11:51 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)


abesla LOVE sa ni kalu terbang-terbang di udara lol!

pasangan WE GOT MARRIED yang paling sa suka!!
JO KWON & HAN GA IN..sweett!!
ya!ya!sa taw c JO KWON x ensom..biaQ p!!!

apakah UNTA ni ada di atas pokok???
(bertanya dengan nada MERUNGKUI haha)
ek..UNTA pandai panjat pokok ka???

okay ni c OYEN yang cumil..=)
(sediakan plastik kuning untuk VOMIT keke)
sabar ja la ah....hahaha


(7:07 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)



HUJAN...tolonglah turun ke bumi..
basahilah bumi,sejukkanlah bumi,hapuskan jerebu,
hapuskan bahang kepanasan bumi...
tapi kalau kau turun jangan pula sampai banjir..
turun semalam pun cukuplah...
insan yang hina ini (kunun) tidak sanggup lagi menahan kepanasan yang
agak melampau mencapai takat didih ini..

AIR COND..kenapalah kau tiada di sini??
tahukah engkau betapa aku memerlukan engkau dikala ini..
disaat kepanasan yang amat menyengat ini aku amat merindui engkau..
mengapa kau tiada disisi ketika daku memerlukan engkau??
ini kerana KIPAS tidak mampu untuk menghilangkan derita ini
oh....sadisnya diri...

kiranya kamu mengetahui bahawa diri anda amat diperlukan 
pada ketika ini..
TOLONGLAH..daku merayu agar..
kamu kembali di sisi ini....


Sunday, September 4, 2011 (1:22 AM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)

The curiosity

Hello gorgeous!

How actually a different each other..become friend and ended become a lover?
it's a weird chain and i been thinking bout it like 2 minutes ago while in toilet hahaha..

seriously..suddenly i'm interested to know u'guys love's u guys know each other,how's your first date,the declaration and so on..

feel free to share okay

:: Sorry,mulut and suara x sama haha..salahkan utube k ::
this is Valentine cover by us ( me ft unta)..kunun..juz for fun ja ni..enjoy=)

Friday, September 2, 2011 (10:06 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)