Bah..jum naik atas!
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Hello! welcome to my humble blog.Ba..palan-palan kamu baca k >,<
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ciao gente!
okay dat means HELLO PEOPLE! in english..haha
i found dat italian and french language really interesting!
dats y im trying to learn it now ngeh3..
recently im addicted to watch NIGAHIGA on utube!
man! Ryan Higa was totally crazy! he's good looking too hehe..
i was like..watching all his video over and over again and never get boring to it..
in fact, his video makes me laughing sambil keluar mukus wo! haha
can u imagine how funny + crazy he is??haha
gente! watch his video then u know y i am soooooo into his video wakaka
i love when he say THEHEEE at the end of his video haha..drôle!!
again..dat means FUNNY in english haha..
anyway guys..thanx for reading my blog since it was establish like thousand years ago..
i really appreciate it..>wink< muah2!!! kiss in da air..tett..
hmm..i think i wanna do a GIVEAWAY as a symbol for my appreciationISTA..(wats dat?) wait for my next entry k..
still deciding..hihi =)

oh my!Ryan Higa crazy+ hot! hahaha..

Monday, May 2, 2011 (9:57 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)