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A stranger in a stranger land poetry contest

i was tagged by my roomate to join this contest.. not a poetry person but the prize bLING2 me..hehe
since the prize is ipoD wooowww!!
so,i guess i cant resist this contest uh..hehe..
okay peepz..
enjoy my poem...
created by me..not by anyone..

first time..

its been seven years..
i still remember the first time i see you
the first time you smile at me
the first time we had our first conversation
the first time you wish my birthday
the first time you make me cry..
the first time you hold my hand
the first time you hug me
the first time you kiss me..
the first time u bow to me that i will be your wife in the future..
the first time you leave me..
its so hard for me to forget all the first time with you..

: : this poem is about a girl who been 7 years with her bF
and this is her feeling..even there is up and down in their relationship
but,this girl  wants her bF know that 
only him in his mind..

p/s..haha..xda bakat lansung ni sa...

hihi i tag..

Sunday, April 3, 2011 (12:32 PM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)