Bah..jum naik atas!
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Hello! welcome to my humble blog.Ba..palan-palan kamu baca k >,<
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sakit kaki!!

Bonjour everybody!!
happy Tuesday people!
oh my!
two days in OT makes me super tired!
im not tired of doing stuff or working but im tired of standing!
bole jadi varicose vein o!!
u standing for almost 7 hr ma..nasib bek ada rehat aiguu!!
cepatlah abes posting OT..
but the good thing is..i can see how they doing an operation..
tadi sa tengok pembedahan MASTECTOMY..means buang breast la..
huhu dasyat!!!
at least there's something we can do there kan..iaitu men pandang2..haha..

okay people!another thing is..i wanna say tQ to my SON for his post in his blog bout 
our romantic moment..ngeh3..
lucu ni..haha..if u guys want to read it..juz click this..
it will direct u to his blog..
okayla..maw oi!oi! lu k..
c ya peepz...^ ^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 (12:39 AM)

Pecah kaca,pecah simen..lepas baca,jan lupa komen =)