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Saturday, February 19, 2011

my fortune cookies..

"Get together and enjoy a prosperous New Year"

"When an obstacle  comes in your way,stop crying and start trying"

"The only way to have friend is to be one"

haha...ni la ayat-ayat yang sa dapat tym makan fortune cookies..
well,berabis ni kunun sa makan supaya dapat yang bek2 sikit ayat dia hahaha
but sa makan 3 ja..hehe..emm..acctually sa makan 2 ja,yang satu sa suh kawan sa
makan and sa ambil tu kertas wakakakaka
but ayat yang ke-2 and ke-3 tu sa suka..
its something that i can apply in my life yihuuu!!!
so,kalu ada dugaan in my life tahun ni,i will never crying!!!!
sa akan berusaha untuk mengatasi sebarang halangan yeah!
and...i'll be a good friend to my friend hehe...
hope u guys also will do the same kio!!hehe^ ^


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